‘the Pain’ Poem by Dr. Sakti P. Chakravorty

‘the Pain’

Rating: 4.5

Pre text: - 'PAIN - ALMANAC'

Pain and pleasure are but pluri-potent modalities
in existential and phenomenal world. To denounce them is
difficult but not impossible. Sharp psyche, penetrating
ponderings reveals the paradox. To reach the paradox
one must use the lexicon, dictionary of finest and pure
thoughts and self analysis.

esspeecee …03.12.04.

# The punishment
Of prizes are -
Pains. [1]

# When life
Deceives –
Every thing
Pain polishes
Blues. [2]

# Glitters of
Life dim out
Pain perfuses
More ‘dark-light’. [3]

# All refuses
When sealed
Pain opens
The floodgate of
Sufferings. [4]

# Life when
Churned by
Realities of odds
Pain profiles you. [5]

# Pains are
Very friendly,
Leaves room
For nascent pain. [6]

# Jealousy never
Jeopardize pain
Pain hasn’t any
Rivalry. [7]

# Pain smiles away
Every miseries,
Of despair. [8]

# Pain is the
Panacea for
Aches of bumps
and booms. [9]

# To get away of
Welcome the
Painful pain. [10]

# Safety valve
Of suffocation
In gay chamber
Is pain. [11]

# To tickle the
Savoir of life.
Accept incoming
Pinch of pain. [12]

# Jolts and jilts
Spread tentacles
Pain percolates
Perfection. [13]

# Occult objects are
Thro’ radiance of
Perfect pain. [14]

# Egoic gay
Dwindles to
Egoless ambience
Of pain. [15]

# Pleasures are
Pains are
Euphonic. [16]

# Pain is
The dope test
Of fidelity of
Perfection. [17]

# Pleasures become
Magnanimous by
By the scale of
Pain threshold. [18]

# Perfect love
Survives in the
Milieu of
Acid test of
Pain. [19]

# Post text -
Sing in chorus -
O perishable pleasure
Make room for
Pain alone
and only. [20]

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Ashraful Musaddeq 17 June 2009

Wonderful work with pain, excellent.10+++

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loved this one..it treat my rusty mind..and it's pain, ..loved all but loved this most

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# To get away of Pain, Welcome the Painful pain. [10]

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Catrina Heart 24 July 2009

A poetic dictionary/ meaning about pain...well worded like a senryu..10/10

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Saadat Tahir 04 August 2009

pain...is a potent modifier and inspiration of human action and reation....you have done justice to the topic in a very nice format cheers

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Indira Renganathan 18 December 2009

Pain and pleasure are the two kids of one's mind like day and night for earth...inevitable 10

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Rajaram Ramachandran 18 November 2009

Pain and pleasure are the two pair of points created by God. Only when a man goes in the hot sun, he will know the value of the shade. A good poem.

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Anju Addanki 02 November 2009

A deep thoughtful poem lot of meaning in it.

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Jen Capaldi 28 October 2009

very deep and thought provoking. reads alomost like a textbook to explain the different facets and contexts of pain. # Pleasures are Cacophonic While Pains are Euphonic. [16] # 16 hits me the most. it is like the yin and yang of pain, they are synonomys, one cannot exist without the other. great write. very deep and insughtful..10++ my friend. Jen

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Akram Saqib 18 October 2009

a deep understanding of human feelings from a differnt point of view

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