April Poem by Raymond J Wright


i look toward the sunlight
turn my back against the night
everything has changed
and everything has changed me
for all the mental beatings
i took in my life
for every time you lied
for every time i let it go
and every time i held it in
a new lesson learned
a new day dawns
and the sun shines down
and the tears on my face
that you created with your hardness
born of your pain and of your sorrow
will dry forever today
as the warm breeze that
carries the scent of spring blossoms
across this perfect april morning
takes my breath away

Ian Bowen 04 July 2009

Raymond, a piece from the memory of the heart. Enjoyed reading this honest poem. Ian

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Francis Duggan 25 December 2007

very well written poem Jordan about a life experience keep up your good work

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Foster Blaine 13 October 2006

'life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but, by the moments that take our breath away'. this poem is enchanting and memorable as it seems to come from a very sincere place within you. read it once and the message was clear. the title's what caught me. april is a strange month or as t.s eliot put it, 'the cruelest month'. i guess cause it breeds the destitution of winter with the zest of spring. you captured a feeling here- the most noble goal in poetry. foster p.s. i think there's a typo in the line 'born of you pain' i think you meant YOUR pain.

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