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Jeri Martindale 29 March 2017

Your poetry is outstanding! Your verse just pulls the reader in! Your descriptive ability allow us a glimpse of your emotions which come out whole hearted in your writing!

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The Best Poem Of Mizzy ........

Four Seasons.... One Love.

In a sharp fresh breeze,
On a crisp Spring day,
Hand in hand in verdure stroll,
Under lush chirping trees,
Among flowering buds stray,
New birth, and new love to extol.

On a balmy Summer's eve,
When the butterflies dance,
In the meadow we fell warm and unseen,
Soft kisses to thieve,
In mesmeric love trance,
Garments lost in the trampled green.

Gold Autumnal mornings,
Of yellow ripened corn,
Flowing like the amber of your hair,
I loved you all those dawnings,
As the leaves fell forlorn,
Your puckered lips an answer to prayer.

Icy moonlit nights,
Frostbitten fingertips,
From Winter's penetrating chill,
'Neath mystic starlights,
We tasted freezing lips,
Seasons pass, ....but I love you still!

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Mizzy ........ Popularity

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