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In a sharp fresh breeze,
On a crisp Spring day,
Hand in hand in verdure stroll,
Under lush chirping trees,

I shrivel 'neath a scorching sun,
Devoid protection for my skin,
An aching grimace, I'll show none,
Worse burning pain suppurates within.

the blazing sunset
danced on the ocean like flames
and scorched the skyline.

Rejoice today! for life is short my friend,
Seize passing time like gold, whilst you are here,
Dwell in the now, but ne'er on journey's end,
Until such curtain falls, withhold your tear.

No more to live in earthly mould,
Though siblings not bereft?
Despair in me did clasp it's hold,
My spirit long since left.

Staunch message to all, delivered with stealth,
A wise old proverb...'Your health is your wealth',
Terrified at the start, thought I wouldn't pull through,
Began penning a verse, for my pulpit adieu,

'Twas a balmy evening on that village square,
On the path, a little girl she chalked,
A hopscotch grid, for friends to share,
Innocently unaware she was being stalked.

Last night while in my wandering dreams,
I discovered a pathway to Wonderland,
A wise little fairy at the old wooden gate,
Beckoned me forth with her wand.

At first the enemy struck and I felt weak,
Pointed needles stung, future bleak,
A shroud of grey draped hairless skin,
Hiding fear and loneliness deep within,

Mankind in second place, as they beguile,
Nice manners always shown, when e'er he greets,
Just treat her right, bestow fine lavish style,
In love, to fan her flames 'neath sizzling sheets.

When failing time erodes this mortal coil,
My broken finger nails to lose their hold,
On pallid brow you'll kiss embalming oil,
And your warm tears shall ease my parched lips cold.

If we were stars in cosmogyral space,
Lost, worlds apart in lucent endless blue,
To seek, I would like gossamer embrace,
Upon a moonbeam, destination....you!

Alone with my Lymphoma my senses have grown,
A complete change of focus, some new seeds sown,
Mother Nature called out with magnetic support,
"Take note of my beauty and your ills I will sort",

Dearest Josephine, I'm lost for you,
On this battle torn bloody sea,
The enemy ships are sunk but two,
But my mind not on victory.

Silently fall soft snowy bride,
Beneath dull waning moon,
Adorn our naked countryside,
Like white confetti strewn.

The vast night sky, my empty page,
In starlit words I sink,
Moon beams ignite my muse and sage,
And steep my thoughts in ink.

Don't speak to me of your half empty glass,
As you wallow in a pity display,
Mine is half full, and bold as brass,
I savour it's mature bouquet.

The Best Poem Of Mizzy ........

Four Seasons.... One Love.

In a sharp fresh breeze,
On a crisp Spring day,
Hand in hand in verdure stroll,
Under lush chirping trees,
Among flowering buds stray,
New birth, and new love to extol.

On a balmy Summer's eve,
When the butterflies dance,
In the meadow we fell warm and unseen,
Soft kisses to thieve,
In mesmeric love trance,
Garments lost in the trampled green.

Gold Autumnal mornings,
Of yellow ripened corn,
Flowing like the amber of your hair,
I loved you all those dawnings,
As the leaves fell forlorn,
Your puckered lips an answer to prayer.

Icy moonlit nights,
Frostbitten fingertips,
From Winter's penetrating chill,
'Neath mystic starlights,
We tasted freezing lips,
Seasons pass, ....but I love you still!

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Jeri Martindale 29 March 2017

Your poetry is outstanding! Your verse just pulls the reader in! Your descriptive ability allow us a glimpse of your emotions which come out whole hearted in your writing!

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