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@ As I Fall Asleep - Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

As I fall asleep, your eyes close on me,
As I breathe your abundance, your lips kiss on me.
To a dried stream of water, what embankments,
Whereas oceans of beauty flow through it.
Who holds the earth, on the tips of fingers,
Heavens befall, as past you step.
My eyes behold, like the Greek statue,
A curve is setting of the sun or rise of moon.
To the stars once, your glance of love,
From the dust I gathered “dusts of stars”
A flower has withered, alas autumn ahead,
The nightingale sung, to the cheek chiseled.
A shadow to the sun, and the sun’s lament,
Has anyone captured, aroma in the air.
To the knock on the door, as if tomorrow,
Has come. Years after, but a tomorrow are you.
From my hands, like a butterfly flew,
A haze of color, on my hands, to the face I raise.
Prayers be to you, for your houris in paradise,
To me, in the midst of the twilight, a tavern’s cup.
On the pulpit you sit, in the dark shroud, you proud,
From the earth I raise statuesque beauties of love.
The blood in veins still rushes like torrents,
What if, a feather and ink, from me thus snatched.
From the corner like in prison, my elegies of spring,
My lap is filled, dried leaves, flowers of memories.
So I am heard, I live in “now” then what,
Like showers of rain, lightening on my dreams.

Sadiqullah Khan
May 8,2013.

Greek stone-art @ tumbir

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