*slow The Love Poem by Sadiqullah Khan

*slow The Love

Rating: 2.7

The beloved’s street I avoided
In repentance of the sin in puritan desires
I held to the world my hands for alms
For songs for the beloveds of Solomon
From Song of Songs I brought on air
With magic of love from underneath
The suspended poems and voices from distance
I came across Vedas and imaginations absurd

A heart of gold I found on the way
A princess Indian when she saw the glitter
To her in gift for she shall adore it to worship
Some small lines from the Chinese wisdom
I followed the line of the great traveler
From north of Africa into the caves of Far
Flamboyance from Arabia and Persian way
A friend old there and the tavern old
The wine new the goblet rusted

A lament to a beauty a sigh of relief
The old woman’s hands for her blessings
Slow and slow when the horse of my will
In tired repose entered the city of love
Past the tavern and the saki in veil
Slow and slow the beloved was singing
Still my song alive on the lips
Lost she says she has her heart

Bring thy glance slow and slow
Slow and slow shall my love unveil
When your heart is the holiest of places
Why ambulate in circles and rituals
Slow the love slow the intoxication
Red wine slow in abundance tonight

P.S This poem completes the triangle with the other two poems “I Search You” and “When You Were Dancing”.

Fiona Davidson 22 January 2009

Absolutly beautiful Sadiqullah...lovely to read with it's slow flow of words...thank you...Fi

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 22 January 2009

The journey to the enchanting holiest of places, my song still alive on her lips, tranquilled by the glitters on the princess's face, slow the love, cuz love is in redundance tonite.Beautiful and enchanting verses Sadiqullah!

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sumaira .....ir 22 January 2009

Wow! Wonderfully write... Different moods of hidden lov shown in a very senseible way... Powerful words! +10 4 u dear...

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Chitra - 30 January 2009

beautiful write, A true talent lurks behind these words

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Sreelekha Premjit 30 January 2009

I enjoyed the play of words and the search for the lover.. good work.

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Anjali Sinha 22 January 2009

*** SLOW THE LOVE *** Slow the love, slow the intoxication Yes slow the love and slow the intoxication in abundance tonight the red wine flows slow and slow thy glance do bring Towards my heart-the holiest of places Drunk have I, from the goblet rusted, . red wine of your love that floweth. When in flamboyance thou enter the city of love, unveil thy love, to this thy princess in the Garden of Eden’s Paradise, sans ambulations and rituals. Slow the love slow the intoxication. Traversed have I, deserts of solitude oasis of honey my embrace, In taverns of yore For the old woman’s blessings In her hands I seek, the knowledge of the vedas unveiled, to ask for advice for lost I say is my heart to this pilgrim unkown Seek, oh let me seek thy glance, a bit of it Anoint me with the musk of the oil That flows from the depths of your heart, In poems and in sweet verses, where thou shall sing to my heart of gold. With magic of love from underneath

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Anjali Sinha 22 January 2009

a very good write +++++10 anjali

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Reshma Ramesh 22 January 2009

beautiful write yet again sadiq..........and a superb sequel to the other two poems....iam your biggest fan ever...........

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