As It Happens... Poem by Frank Bana

As It Happens...

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As it happens, I suppose
I am not gay, if it matters at all
And hold almost secret and certainly close
Each memory of you - knowing some
We share and some to me
Are singular, like those Joni Mitchell songs
I am better at singing

As you have guessed for sure
Your webs of poetry and lyric song
Still raise me to tears and reduce my heart
At least when you are on top of your game
And provide a pitch on which I can sing
Filled by your inspiration, to the brim

As it will surely be kept under wraps
I am not shy to tell you, here and now
How the kiss most dreamed of and remembered
Among the miles of smooth-cheeked kisses I've known
Was given and received in surprise
Between us in the guise of college men

Well let me thank you for all the women
You saved and stole from me, even marrying one -
So kind of you to take that load!
And if I ever crossed a movable line
I was proud to be your Jonathan. Besides,
Close friends hold hands in Africa

As now we run to catch the times
Your children grown and mine still young
I am less afraid to know my longings
To love you and be loved.
And as it all turned out, apparently
I was not gay but glad to say -
Simply, I am just a man
Who loved and loves you, many ways.

Original Unknown Girl 26 April 2007

This is such a candid write and I love how you reconcile your feelings towards this man, whether you loved him or not does not matter. The fact that you openly express how you feel/felt shows true depth of character and for that I admire you. Great strength in this poem. HG: -) xx

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Pia Andersson 23 July 2006

Oh this is excellent..a man writing to another man..friends and former rivals at the same time.You write wiht such style..brilliant! ! .I dont know why but i get the same feeling from this poem as I get from Leonard Cohens song 'Famous blue raincoat' Wshing you joy-Pia

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Ruby Root 07 July 2006

Hi Frank Did people think you were gay (ha ha) that is too funny. Your poem was fun to read loving and caring. I really enjoyed it. You are great writer. With good emotions and imagery. Take care

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Anna Cellmer 01 May 2006

How it's beautiful romantic picture of deep feelings you keep inside, it was real pleasure to step here for a while, good luck in everything you do it's just wonderful write and mind and thoughts

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