' As Maiden - Gipsy.... Poem by Tsira Gogeshvili

' As Maiden - Gipsy....

Rating: 3.1

Give me your right-palm,
I'll tell fortunes to you,
As a fortuneteller -
As a maiden -gipsy....
Don't look only to me...
That of, your eyes
Denounces to you...
If I'll tell an untruth...
will be only one kiss...
if I'll tell to you're not
Blueeyed...these one's-
Dreams heavens...
They sleep there...
I'll tell that you haven't
to home road, else....
For you lost it a long time
Your house- as shelter
In heart of Aphrodite...
Both now...as always....
Day of a deceit is today...
And I sit before you...
As sat for a long time
Yes 1th April, but
Is similar this to a lie?
you'll answer to me...
As- to fortuneteller,
AS - to maiden -gipsy....

Fiona Davidson 01 April 2009

Wonderful write Tsira....and excellent read...thank you Fi...10++

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Ency Bearis 01 April 2009

Impressive write for April fools day..you are right this is the day you can be deceived by those fortune tellers....10

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Sadiqullah Khan 01 April 2009

Maiden gypsies are good fortune tellers, like you Tsira.10

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Andrew Blakemore 01 April 2009

When my grandfather was in his early 20's he had an accident at the foundry and severely damaged his lungs. A doctor told him he would be dead by the age of 30. He went to see a gypsy fortune teller and she told him not to listen to the doctors and he would live until he was 90. He died when he was almost 89, so she wasn't far wrong. The truth is that some fortune tellers are gifted and some are fakes. Great write Tsira. Best wishes, Andrew

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Ron S King 11 April 2011

Reading this is hearing your voice and you speak as...'Maiden Gipsy! beautiful, Poetess... Ron.

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Rachel Butler 07 November 2009

'In heart of Aphrodites' Rachel Ann Butler

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~ Jon London ~ 11 April 2009

When ever I read your work im dazzled by your beautiful poetic soul, your creative mind is one of genius my dear friend 10+

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Lt Feitosa 04 April 2009

Give me your hand Tsira...let me count the stars on your palm and see a crescent moon in your eyes...beautiful lines of light.

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Thad Wilk 02 April 2009

A capturing and eloquent poem Tsira! I remember i had my palm read once by a fortune teller a long time ago. It was a lot of fun, worth it for me. Great read & reminder! ! *10*! Friend Thad

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