Bri Mar

'' As They Lay Me In The Ground '' - Poem by Bri Mar

Every day brings me more pain,
I just pray there's no tomorrow,
My life is truly inhumane,
It's filled with grief and sorrow.

I used to be a normal guy,
Quite happy with my lot,
Family, friends no need to lie,
My life just couldn't be bought.

Then I thought, this can't be right,
There's more to life than this,
What I was missing was out of sight,
So I tried some cannabis.

It made me feel relaxed and cool,
Then I mixed it with some drink,
I never knew I could be so cruel,
But I refused to see the link.

I progressed on to stronger drugs,
They made me feel immune,
The warning signs are just for mugs,
I won't stop anytime soon.

I then lost my family and my friends,
How dare they interfere?
As into farce my life descends,
To me it's still unclear.

My legs are full of holes and sore,
I've no veins left to inject,
My body's rotten to the core,
Yet my fix I must collect.

I have no money to buy my kit,
No family from which I can steal,
I'd give my life for another hit,
I need cash for one more deal.

Addiction is an abject curse,
You imagine it gives you joy.
When you think things can't get worse,
Your spirit it will then destroy.

Your mind and body then give in,
You can no longer cope,
You're in a battle you can never win,
It's then you give up hope.

I've caused those close to me untold grief,
A fact I refused to see,
My leaving will bring them scant relief,
But I need to set myself free.

My will to live has disappeared,
At last my peace I've found,
The chaos in my life has cleared,

‘' As They Lay Me In The Ground ‘'

Poet's Notes about The Poem

I write a lot of poetry about a group of people I had the pleasure of working with for over two decades, there but for the grace of God springs to mind, seeing what drugs can do to a fellow Human Being does open your eyes to human frailty.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, August 29, 2012

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