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Ascent And Apotheosis - Poem by Daniel Brick

Andrea Mantegna's PARNASSUS,
or MARS AND VENUS, painted
between 1497 - 1502

Do not try so hard my friend,
to mount these steps. Do not
try at all: trust fully your mind
in its repose, listen to its granite
calm and say within its fathomless
silence what it is you desire...

and it will happen, you will embrace
your desire, as your inflamed heart burns
but is not consumed. You have slept
for ages past counting, you have awakened
to your bliss. There you bent your head in shame.
There you were judge, prisoner, jailer, all at once.

Here nothing must be hidden, nothing is false.
Every moment shine in its truth of being. You look
at me with speechless eyes, but here eyes can listen,
can speak, can touch and taste every good thing.
If you love what you see, it will be given to you.
We two are in the precincts of MOUNT PARNASSUS.

Look at that stone arch at the summit
of our climb. See the MUSES NINE dance,
their gowns billowing in the gentle wind
of their intertwining movements. The air itself
becomes the dance that carries us forward.
Feel how you float on a cushion of air, without

effort, without strain. You are already within
this dance, it envelops you, and the sweet sound
you hear within and without is Orpheus, the divine player,
whose music fills every space, every moment...
Look above the stone arch. Can you see through
the celestial light with your new sight? Open your eyes

to Eternity! From this moment forth, you will
never look back. It is body and soul becoming
one that gives you these new powers. Do not resist
any longer. Let yourself become your New Self.
Look, look above the stone arch! Your eyes can now
see through the veil of celestial light the truth of things.

The blessed pair is blessing us all. Mars and Venus,
side by side, Mars no longer a man of iron and blood,
and Venus no longer a wayward woman, look with favor
upon us as we stand side by side, in their presence,
bright and blissful in their bounteous regard.They preside
over our revels. Their harmony is the world's harmony.

My friend, this is the central place, the Omphalus, the hub
around which everything, us included, revolves, as the measures
of the dance bring pattern, as the planetary music, sympathy,
as our fused bodies and souls, happiness, each to all
and all to each, this is our home forever, this is
the place of wonders, our ascent and apotheosis....

Topic(s) of this poem: celebration, myth

Form: Allegory

Comments about Ascent And Apotheosis by Daniel Brick

  • Kumarmani Mahakul (11/3/2015 2:39:00 PM)

    It will happen and you will embrace the emotion shared here in this context Remaining already within dance is interesting. Very thoughtful poem shared really. (Report) Reply

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  • Pamela Sinicrope (11/2/2015 3:21:00 PM)

    So I just noticed that this is an allegory...an allegory for? OK...here's my short list: 1) Making it to 20 years + of marriage? ; 2) Finishing writing an amazing epic poem or book? ; 3) someone who has slept for ages past counting, and then awakened in bliss? hmmmm..... Could be a person who suffers from depression or a negative mindset and then suddenly opens their eyes and becomes aware of the beauty and amazingness of life and the world? not really allegorical...OK....I'm not sure, but I'm intrigued...more thought required.... (Report) Reply

  • Pamela Sinicrope (11/2/2015 3:15:00 PM)

    This was JUST the poem I needed to read today! :) First off, I looked at the painting and just enjoyed the art. I found the muses, Orpheus, Mars and Venus, and some dark looking characters off to the side...they weren't as clear. So to the poem, The opening stanza invites the reader to let go of everything difficult and just 'trust' the mind in its 'granite calm' to ascend to the apotheosis or highest point. Could it be that easy? Why yes! If you make it there, your inflamed heart will 'burn' but it will not be consumed...is that like Nirvana? Mount Parnassus, is the pinnacle of all that is amazing in life from a mythological perspective. You will also be floating on the wind and listening to Orpheus perform amazing music. I LOVE how you bring together the meaning of this picture in achingly exquisite prose! Could anything be better than what you have described? Here there is no guilt, there is only desire and love...And the subjects in the poem arrive there TOGETHER...I'm dying inside...in the most amazing way! This was just the ROMANTIC poem I needed today. Loved it! :) (Report) Reply

  • Paul Sebastian (11/1/2015 1:57:00 AM)

    I am amazed by the way you express the love journey in the form of mythology. We all want to go to Omphalus where the eyes can speak, listen, taste and our bodies and souls fused, blissfully live in our home forever.
    Enjoyed your poem very much. Thank you, Daniel.
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  • (10/31/2015 8:48:00 PM)

    Daniel there is so much in your poem that speaks to all desires. The message to me is to trust the natural process of your aspirations. There is no need to try too hard. Surrender to the dance of life and know you are evolving. Your exquisite poem captured me by the heart. Thank you Daniel :) (Report) Reply

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