Asleep! O Sleep A Little While, White Pearl! Poem by John Keats

Asleep! O Sleep A Little While, White Pearl!

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Asleep! O sleep a little while, white pearl!
And let me kneel, and let me pray to thee,
And let me call Heaven’s blessing on thine eyes,
And let me breathe into the happy air,
That doth enfold and touch thee all about,
Vows of my slavery, my giving up,
My sudden adoration, my great love!

Irule Not Telling 19 April 2010

good poem: P: P: P: P: P: P: P

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Azam Safi 25 August 2013

i have no words for keats..

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* Sunprincess * 30 November 2013

a poem devoted to sleep...nice...

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Luna Tsuki 13 May 2014

wish someone would read this to me before going to bed, it might cure my insomnia

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Vishal Sharma 27 October 2015

Amazing wordings

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Sneha sinha 26 October 2018

Add a comment. Very beautifull poem

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Glen Kappy 25 June 2018

i think keats is one of the greatest lyrical poets who ever wrote in english. and it strikes me, reading this, that what drove his verse was his uncorked and unguarded passion that rushed through his singing self. -gk

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Lungelo S Mbuyazi 25 June 2018

Nice write from John Keats

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Mahtab Bangalee 25 June 2018

a piece of history that is death no; a sleeping just a living death dreamy or nightmare within just closing eyes with eyelid- a pampers of sight king dream within dreams in numbing grim disdain or adorn! from moonlit to sun beam..............................

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Adrian Flett 25 June 2018

The mysterious world we enter each night

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