Awards-Emmy/Oscar/Grammy Poem by krissi b'williams


Rating: 3.2

i must give credit, when credit is due
and the standing ovation belongs to you
all those dreams you had been dreaming
all those desires you should have succeeded
yet it all led to scheming
youve could of done anything you put your mind to
all that power at your will, you simply put it into a skill
to see..the down fall of me.......
through the heart ache, depression, misery
boy you should of won an emmy
or have enjoyed a grammy
with that performance you put on in front of my family....and sadly
you should of won an oscar
4 the best AND brillant performer
they all believed i was nuts, not right in my brain
because once doors were closed and shut, you never acted the same
that you were the 1 self-centered, egotistical, and insane

oh, how every1 laughed, like it was some joke
oh, the sadness, and low self-esteem you so often brought
that left me exhausted, weary, and broke
until it was not only me...but an act for my family..they came to see
you played the part, with all our hearts
so well, through a magical spell, of torturous hell
that was nolonger seen just by an act of 1 top sell
i am a strong woman, unblind to the fact
so why, oh, why, did you play this act
you presented yourself, as though
you were a saint
we all know now that you aint
sadly infront of friends, the role you pretend

in front of family, you did it all, you won that grammy
whatever i needed you were once right there
now you've vanished into thin air
emmy, what you were after...........and a oscar
you've won due to tragic disaster
what a brillant performer....standing ovation from every corner

Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

usually in a relationship, we all play as actors, or actresses..we bend and mold, and sometimes fake alot of 10s

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Eyan Desir 23 October 2009

I sure wish i win a grammy..o boy i cant act anyway good write I hope you find a good apple not a actor...haha 10s

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