All The Insecurities Poem by krissi b'williams

All The Insecurities

Rating: 3.8

i was so young, when i got with you
trying to be a good mother to our daughter
and the perfect girlfriend/fiancee to you
i wanted so badly to believe
in all the make believe..
wanted only to make you happy
but it brought me only misery...

i will give you credit, for standing by your word
and raising our baby she was the most important lil lady in your world.....
from the day she was born, when i was 16, you were just two years..older
but throughouth..all the doubt..your were a true soldier
many women wouldnt complain to have had
a baby; s dad
like you....
and i guess that is true..

since she is now 15, and you are still there,
supporting, her, not only with money but love and care....
and even though i am happy for that indeed
in the process you broke a million promises to me...
left me now at the age of 32
like the child i was at sixteen...
you, only you, have me mixed up n inbetween
a woman, and a teen

you made me your wife
took on the responsibilities of all 3 of our life
but if you could just see..what youve done to me..
filled me with false hopes n all kinds of insecurities
and you know.....
that i am right...
we never argue and we never fight
nothing is never wrong..except inside my head
word 4 word, i believe thats what you said

im not jealous, for what you done for our daughter, our world
whose not yet a women, nor is she a lil girl...
all im trying to say..i have to get this out of the way
i never stopped you 4m being a dad
so why make empty promises to me..thats left me so sad
i was your daughters age, when you got with me..
would you want a man to lie to her and fill her with so much insecurities
if she was to have a baby, being 1 herself...
would you want him to only be a dad
leaving her heartbroken and sad....
or would you want him to take on the responsibility of caring for both of them
or let him
play with her mind
misuse her, and be so unkind
think she was going to have it all
but then he let her down, he let the promises fall

would you want our daughter, to be treated just like me....
from a man who promised her the world..
but all the promises were empty
had would you feel, for real
seeing her tears of anguish and pain...
but yet her dad did the same
and our baby girl..hurts like hell
over being blind sided with his charms, n magigical spell
i am somebodys daughter too...
ever think of that
well now when you think of some guy, betrating your child
just remember that fact

Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

young true love is often the best..whether or not it lasts a life time is love's true quest

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Teresa Babson 29 September 2009

we all have our insecurities

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very expressive indeed! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Lady Grace 04 July 2009

well, this is clearly your insecurities dear..this is nicely penned with a lot of different expressions...grace

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