A Lasting Impression, A Lasting Expression Poem by krissi b'williams

A Lasting Impression, A Lasting Expression

Rating: 3.1

bcuz i know its better, i write my words to you in this letter
4 you 2 read, what i have to say....with no anger, no fights
nothing in the way, this is diffently the right way
so i can express all i have to say..to you 2day....
wit no tears, no fears expressed on my face
and you can read my heart, and listen without haste
so this letter doesnt fall apart, becomes another waste
its so much better,4 u 2 read this poem/letter
to hear the words that need to be heard...while we are apart

without warning earlier this morning....i revealed to u the absolute truth
that its the same as ever, im will love you 4ever
n never fall out of love with you.....that the whole darn truth
n that ur actions, have little satisfaction
and they are tearing 2 hearts into 2
our childs n mine, time after time....day after day..night after night
you n only you make us cry
in all the honesty you supposedly admit is true...
who are you trying to make believe it, me or you....
dont dare lie, after (#of years) , ups and downs
circled amount of years...i never shed as many tears, or realized all my fears...thats in my heart until when, you tear the 3 of us apart
ive shed so many...enough to fill a river along with an ocean and 2-3 seas....i dont believe i have any.....tears left in me

my soul is lost at your cost..ive got so many aches in my heart and head, , so many tears there arent anymore, left 4 my eyes 2 pour
enough of me, and that, i dont wanna whine
no emotions flooding this poem/letter of mine
its so much better,4 you to continue reading this letter
my emotions would be a waste of your time...after (#years) , u made come true...my nightmares, worst fears..of losing you n the love from u 2
my sleepless nights, your asleep, snoring and dreaming
i ly awake, inwardly screaming
i get 2 thinkin bout the happier times, then our fights cross my mind
and i find, my hopes are sinking...in a storm of emotions
sorrows and depressions, thats the lasting impression
when i think of you, and all weve been through

i think n remember your lack of empathy, and passion
all the falseness in your actions
i hope this letter, does the job better...letting you know, ur letting go
n what i am saying, what i am expressing
that your leaving 2 out of 3, of your family
with this hopeless lasting impression

Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

everything, and every1 leaves a lasting impression on us 4ever

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Krista'lyntinia Lancelaotti 27 November 2009

it truly did leave an amazing lasting impression

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Lady Grace 11 July 2009

the last 2 lines are meaningful...this letter-poem is a beautiful one..expressive..grace

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