B: Xxxxxxxii: The Sphinx Poem by Douglas Scotney

Douglas Scotney

Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Resides in Adelaide

B: Xxxxxxxii: The Sphinx

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It says in the way it sits
It's involved in eternal dreams.
It would say the same, no doubt,
If it pulled itself inside out
And made its head a cat's
And its body a human being's.
Is it saying that in facility
For interchangeability
Sits hope for eternal dreams?

66. Cats
Danny Draper 16 September 2013

Who is not to say that is exactly what it means.

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Melvina Germain 13 October 2015

Rocks need to cry out to tell the truth about the Sphinx...

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Michael Walker 14 November 2016

There are indeed hopes for eternal dreams, which no doubt the Egyptians had when they made the sphinx.

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Wes Vogler 09 January 2017

Yes I have seen many a cat in the warm sunshine seemingly imitating the Sphinx A vision well captured I am a dog person but I once had a strange orange cat march into my kitchen from outdoors and scream at me. Got to my sense of humour and he took over the house. You are too sophisticated for me Douglas but I shall pursue your work when I am in need of mind-stretching.

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Daniel Brick 24 October 2018

Shakespeare's word for interchangeability is handy-dandy - King Lear uses it in his mad reasoning. Like him I'm going to jump ahead of reasoning to an intuitive conclusion. The Sphinx will ALWAYS preserve her secrecy and that will guarantee we too can keep the core of our being inviolate. How this happens I do not know but I know like the equations of quantum mechanics, it works despite my ignorance.

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Captain Cur 04 August 2018

I am not going to try to unravel this mystery. A cat, a sphinx and a human, immutable and contradictory all in the same sitting.

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Bri Edwards 16 December 2017

i don't understand the Poet's Notes. : (

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Bri Edwards 16 December 2017

you would not have needed so much ink for the title if you'd used: LXXII. and I WOULDN'T HAVE TIRED eyes from trying to count the number of x's. i really liked the first sentence, though it gets kind of silly........i think. the second sentence confounds me a bit. but a lot of things confound me! bri :)

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Michael Walker 23 November 2017

Are you referring obliquely, I wonder, to the Great Sphinx near Cairo, Egypt? As usual, you challenge the reader to find the meaning.

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Douglas Scotney

Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia. Resides in Adelaide
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