Badly Bruised Heart Poem by Jessica Elizondo

Badly Bruised Heart

Rating: 5.0

She sits in her room on her bed. Her heart she fears is nothing and lets

it get ripped shred to shred. Shes numb and feels no pain. She has

shadows in her mind that mock her every move. Her screams are

never heard, or so she thinks. For I hear them. She thinks shes alone,

but she never notices me right beside her. She tells herself that shes

nothing, but my life would mean nothing without her. she feels

forgotten, but has she forgotten that I could never find another friend

like her? Silent tears stream down her face and her heart is confused.

She seems strong but is crushed by decisions she must make. I know

that she can get through this and be happy again. And I tell her that, but

words mean nothing to her anymore. My heart breaks as I see her

crumble. Shes so much stronger than that, but she has no idea. I pray

to God every night that she will realize. And I hope he answers my

prayers soon. Shes wounded, but I don't know how much more she

can take, let alone her heart. I am here for her.....and always will be, no

matter what. And thats a promise I'm taking beyond the grave.


that was awesome...i have a freind who hates her life and i sit there with her as she cries for hours and hours but she doesnt even see that im there! ! ! i know how u feel! !

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April Swanson 13 August 2008

A very strong poem indeed. This gives me many emotions. Nicely written. It expresses many teenager's lives.

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Serenity Prayer 29 July 2008

i just have two words.....thank you....wait, i lied....i have more....great job.. thanks for everything sis. i wuv you. =)

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C T Heart 29 July 2008

Such a great friend...with simple style in expressing your love! ! ! written with grace...

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