Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal Poems

You wanna run away
but your trapped inside
Something so small a needle
couldnt hide

I am a follish girl
So look past what you see
My dark brown eyes are drooped
I haven't gotten any sleep

It's preety crazy how one brush of make up, can change the way people see you
How a curl in your hair, could make someone think you have the perfect life
How a smile could make other's imagine that everything is ok.......

I told you my story, my past which wasn’t great
I told you about the friend that died
And the abortion that took place
I told you about the men who molested me when young

I wanna feel the nail go thru my hand
I wanna feel the thorns go through my skin
I wanna feel what you feel when i commit a sin
I wanna be mocked and spit on

In my lonely state, i forver stay
Isolated from the world and humanity
Broken spirit, crushed heart, depressed
and too many worlds apart

Horrible past
Hoping for a good future
Tears in her eyes
Running to the preacher

I'm sorry if i hurt you
That wasnt my intention
I look into your dreamy eyes
seeking tru redemption

To see her cry,
makes me wanna have no heart
To see her cry,
my heart breaks apart

Things happen in our lives that maybe we will never understand
I see u walk around head facing down
And i wish i could somehow lend a hand
You look at me and your blue eye's, start to fill up with tears

When things go wrong
What do we do?
Do we stumble and fall
Shed a tear or two?

Siting on the edge,
Ready to give up
Tears are rolling down,
Thinking of my loved ones,

Sometimes i cry out of no where
Tears just start rolling down
I try my best to keep it in
But no one ever taught me how

Confused, hyper, addicted, procrastinate
Me, im just a girl, i only have two eyes,
Never been a small size,
I have just two ears

The mask I wear for the whole world to see

The smile I told myself to paint on me



How do we use our freedom after it is granted to us? After it is gently placed in our hands? Do we make something out of it, or do we abuse it, because we feel that nobody can take it away? African Americans were strapped down into a world of anxiety and distress. They were ripped from their culture and their way of life, only to be known as three fifths of a person. I always wonder if African Americans ever lost hope out in the fields, singing their hymns, or if they ever thought that things would actually change. Well a day came where eyes were opened after being shut for so many years, a day called the Harlem Renaissance, where it was African Americans turn to shine. To be placed under a spotlight that was known to be shun at Caucasian faces only. The day colored people became free to express every thought that came to mind. They didn’t see a pile of dirt or trash when they looked in the mirror but they saw a human being, someone who could do great things, someone that was actually worth something. They left their shackles on the ground and ran to their promise land where the grass was greener on the other side, where the streets felt as though they were gold. They arrived in a time period that will never be forgotten, the Harlem Renaissance.

Shattered into pieces on the ground

You run for tape or glue or something to make it through somehow

Someone once told me they'd b there forever
But the days past by and forever was never
Theri face was a blur in the back of my mind
I knew how to handle this,

I've done this for a while
After years a mask is formed
A Silent Tears runs down my cheek
I've dealt with this before

Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal Biography

Hey, my real name is Laylany- I love singing and playing the flute..Im just an ordinary girl tryin to maske it thru each day- I am Hispanic and proud BORICUANA lol well pllz read and feel free to comment any of my poems and u can send me a MSG if u have any? 's k! ! ! Thx.........ya gota love n live life as if there's no tomorow dats my daily motto! !)

The Best Poem Of Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal

A Friend

You wanna run away
but your trapped inside
Something so small a needle
couldnt hide
Theres no arms reaching
And no one to call
Your starting to feel so very small
You look up to the stars
And feel you wanna shine
Yet no one helps cuz to them you seem fine
You stand up in church
and raise up your hands
But inside you feel your sinking in sand
Though you wanna reach higher lands
In the mist of danger you stand
But when you thought everything
was coming to an end
You come to find a very beautiful FREIND
Someone who was alaways there from the start
But there was no water in the desert
to cleanse your heart
You gave up but you can start again
So you stand in the questions of now or when?
You pick the end why should you have to fite?
When your pain could end and you could sleep at night
You yell, thank you freind
Wait what's your name?
My name is jesus In you heart i am framed

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Vp Ramesan 04 July 2009

Dear sir, please peruse my poems namely 1) Thoughtless I am 2) Prince of the spring 3) As she wails

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Try and UnDeRStANd mE ....i promise im normal Popularity

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