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As she whirls and twirls it's not her flesh
It's her soul that bathes in ecstasy
It's her heart that feels the bliss
And her eyes that shine like stars
It's the rainbow that bows with her
It's the fish that trills like her
It's bluebird's frolic, a swan's sway
A murmuring, twisting brook in valleys
A water lily quivering gently
Caper the limbs, poised as bird's wings

Slide and glide, flowing with symphonies
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Hazel Durham 22 January 2013

A stunning performance of grace, elegance intricately woven with nature's pure beauty! ! Excellent write!

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Saadat Tahir 21 January 2013

what a fab word pic..... loved it its so vividly descriptive almost surreal it brought to mind a n old Favorite number..... “Feeder - Save Us.”

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Adheez Van Der Beanthz 14 August 2013

sweet words, beautiful imagery i agree, Ballerina write a poem with her limbs enjoyed to read it

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Heather Wilkins 21 July 2013

a beautiful sight to watch the ballerina dance.

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Passionate Reader 03 July 2013

The body and the soul, spin and spin And ballerina write a poem with her limbs. Lovely lines! ! ! i enjoyed reading it :)

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Hans Vr 02 February 2013

Wow Jasmeen, this is wonderful. These dancing ballerina can realy get into such an all absorbing flow and you brought it into words in a fantastic poem. A joy to read the poem, a joy to see the ballerina in our mental eyes and to feel the dance.

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Anela Mrubata 27 January 2013

Well written.. ''And ballerina write a poem with her limbs.''... The poem is flawless in creating an image as to what you're saying, throughout the whole poem. Well done! I invite you to read my poems as well

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