Barking Spiders (Children) Poem by Cj Heck

Barking Spiders (Children)

Rating: 4.8

The barking spiders all march in
just past dinner time.
Some big, some small, they come to call
floating on the wind behind.

Each is clearly noticed,
although they can't be seen.
You're positive they're there, though,
'cause your nose is very keen.

You know you can't outrun them
and a net won't get them caught.
Your friends laugh 'cause they're funny,
but your mom yells 'cause they're not.

So open all the windows!
Crack the vents, real fast!
'Cause these aren't normal spiders -
BARKING spiders are just gas.

Brian Jani 14 July 2014

Hahaa when i saw the title of this poem i died.well written poem man.

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Paul Lester 09 January 2006

Yes, CJ, after Miss Muffet etcetera the spider deserves an appreciative muse - All best wishes, Paul Lester

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Linda Jenkinson 17 November 2005

I swear i'm four again! !

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Joseph Daly 14 November 2005

Love this. Again it has an appeal on a poetic level, CJ, you avoid patronising children by presenting them with drivel. It has to fire their imagination. Just have to say that I was born in Ireland, though I grew up in England. The word 'gas' in Ireland refers to something funny or joyous as in 'it's a gas'. So it had a different interprtetation for me. Lots of love Denis Joe

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Cj Heck

Cj Heck

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