Be A Vegetarian Poem by POOJA NATARAJAN

Be A Vegetarian

Rating: 4.9

I wonder why people
eat animals as dishes
from hen to meat
from amphibians to fishes?

It is cruel
for slaves to be beaten
how horrible it is
for a living being to be eaten?

It is not good
to eat a non-vegetarian diet
but eating a vegtetarian meal
does keep diseases quiet!

When the buying stops
the killing will too
think my friend what will happen
if a giant gobbeled up you!

Uriah Hamilton 08 September 2005

I support this poem one hundred percent.

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Tamara Moir 18 September 2005

i am also Vegetarian, so i reckon its good

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Madcorporatelawyer . 19 September 2005

If you ever want another perspective, even if only to play your own devil's advocate, you should wendy cope's take on this. =) cheers.

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Jaideep Garg 25 November 2008

i really like i m a vegetarian too.....i really appreciate ur thoughts mam....keep writing..

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J. R. 30 October 2008

I don't understand how people can tell their dogs and cats they love them but then eat a cow. I mean what difference is there other than that dogs and cats are domesticated?

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Rajaram Ramachandran 27 April 2007

If you listen to Peace TV, Dr. Naik justifies eating flesh. Ofcourse, I am a vegetarian from my birth till date.

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Rati Manjari Devi 16 June 2006

Great poem. We should not be violent to animals

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Peter A. Crowther 04 December 2005

Good poem, it almost persuades me to become a vegetarian

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