Be Inventive, Never Wrong! Poem by Sylvia Frances Chan

Be Inventive, Never Wrong!

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we keep thinking,
it's a corona pandemic
this is not allowed,
that's not allowed
and you cannot!

But there are countless things we are allowed to do
for example:
walking is allowed
on the streets or in the woods

to race with the oxen
on farmers' meadows
(after having asked the farmers politely)

nobody forbids you

enjoy the beautiful nature

from the snow-white beaches
to the mouth-watering delicious ice cream

walking among the evergreen leaves
of the deciduous trees

nobody forbids you
breathing in the fresh winds that come

enjoying the airy cool nature in the mountains,

keeping our balance on the hard ice shelf
on which our boys skate,

sniffing the air of the roaring sea

contemplating the cool calm ocean

enjoying the
sometimes strong breeze that you often cannot place

visiting the farms
on to the farmers
where the animals are lurking

on what comes and goes

it's still corona pandemic,
but you have seen
we can do so much!

With us it is called LockDown-1,2 or more
and with the curfew
from 9 p.m. to 4.30 a.m.,

but we can really still so much,
be inventive
but never wrong!

Well, start enjoying it
now, that's it!
but Do-it!

© Sylvia Frances Chan - All Rights Reserved
A.D. Thursday Feb 18,2021

Be Inventive, Never Wrong!
This is a translation of the poem Wees Inventief, tenimmer Foutief! by Sylvia Frances Chan
Thursday, February 18, 2021
Topic(s) of this poem: freedom,woods,race,farmers,ocean,today
POET's NOTES Corona pandemic? COVID-19? We are told rules and high fines and strict approach, but we really can do so much more! Don't complain, act and be inventive. Good luck, thank you for reading © Sylvia Frances Chan - All Rights Reserved A.D. Thursday Feb 18,2021 PHOTO by Dr. Ferdie Tan
Sylvia Frances Chan

Sylvia Frances Chan

Jakarta, Indonesia
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