Be It As It May Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Be It As It May

May the winds blow for you as a gentle breeze.
May the sun warm you by day when you pray on your knees.
May the rain prosper your harvest and refresh you too.
May the Good Lord guide you, bless you and protect you.
May the eleventh hour bring a miracle for you in discression.
May the circle complete to perfection in your direction.
May your guests find you in hospitable employment.
May your activities bring you entertainment, pleasure and enjoyment.
May God provide for you even during unemployment.
May the moon light your way after dark.
May your path be laden with flowers and a grassy park,
May your fears be relayed.
May you seldom if ever feel dismayed.
May your anxiety be appeased.
May your karma be pleased.
May any door be opened for you in affirmative.
May a cul-de-sac still offer an alternative.
May seed you plant flourish.
May your rights be respected to nourish.
May your waters flow smoothly in ability.
May the ocean’s waves treat you with tranquility.
May you remain humble even if king or nobility.
May narratives be of interest to you harmoniously.
May the music you listen to be met receptively as being melodiously.
May time prove to be ample and sufficient sans deletion.
May your stock never diminish to completion.
May your visions be remarkable and able.
May your secrets remain just that fable.
May your structures be stable.
May your games be victorious.
May you live for all eternity in God’s kingdom glorious.
All these blessings I wish for you.
And I pray to God above to grant you countless others too.

Hercolena Oliver

Hercolena Oliver

Durban South Africa
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