Auspicious Wandering Wondering Poem by Hercolena Oliver

Auspicious Wandering Wondering

Many people touched by faith spent one happy afternoon
wondering why body and emotions still tingles and have soon
been born, right down to the auspicious occasion of arrival fabricated
irreplaceable wonder of the first experience, of that eradicated.

State has always been an auspicious one
or that there have not been catastrophic sun
to accompany them wherever they may wander in many a becoming world
of auspicious act of baptism, worshipping and praying to God's Word.

Obeying Him in silent wonder of still-gazing eyes
is earthly saint, who would stand auspicious to the hour,
even there he starts; quoth he I must deflower
No wonder a good many critics failed even to notice presence of present cries.

Appropriately chastened hymns are animated by fervent hope,
an auspicious view of the future in which the religious pope,
by so auspicious an occasion orphans the wandering landscape, soon to be an entire
specatacle that was no wonder constantly remembered his desire.

After auspicious verses, ceremoniously blew the rose petals towards
fragrance at the beginning, to wandering musicians described untowards.
Auspicious analogue thus keeps land in a flourishing condition relevant
small wonder, then, that the Book was almost completely ignored by the reverend.

The stars observe a honeymooning young couple wandering in insobriety
under stars above gazing at earth below while exploring the cosmopolitan romantic society;
not an auspicious place for a pedantic astronomer or lover
who looks out to sea and wonder over a distant departed brother.

And maybe they will have all the blessings now.
They may well wonder how to use it wisely anyhow.
How can God as a man wander all earth and allow participating
into the new and cruelly auspicious ashew undertakings?

It is easy to identify with the has been,
hearing may actually be auspicious for the organism, which has been
year at wandered around while asked everyone to frozenly draw
process that keeps souls wandering in this universe and prevents thaw.

Truthful activities relating to religious principles are auspicious.
Activities in the destiny of man is plain ridiculous.
Ridicule is a state where you have wandered away
and have become alienated from your what was that anyway.

The sum totality of all that is auspicious, beautiful, good and holy rations
impurifies concrete levels of being and their political implications.
Confused is the timely Biblical truth with an eternalist doctrine of timeous task
resultign in, what done to earn such an auspicious honour, you to ask.

I wonder if poetry should provide clue, let me know that.
It's just not that simple text manipulations represent fact.
Now wonder wanders up and down aisles filled with reassuring familiar lore,
to determine the most auspicious locations for public falacy and folklore.

By future myth days of wonder are an auspicious
date for a young to live up to in patroninsing vicious.
A wondering poet wandered for several days,
surviving on the verbal vegetation and a few if you mays.

Hercolena Oliver

Hercolena Oliver

Durban South Africa
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