Beautiful Disaster Poem by Brie Carter

Beautiful Disaster

Rating: 5.0

She cuts her wrists so beautifully,
Right to the bone,
She does this each and every night,
When she's all alone.
No one understands her,
Not even her friends,
She has no one to talk to,
She wants it all to just end.

Her pain hides behind the smiles,
And the dark make up she wears
She feels life has no point,
And that no one cares,

She goes to sleep each night,
Praying, that tomorrow all the pain and sorrow will be gone,
Tears stream down her face,
She tries so hard to be strong

Then this one fatal night,
They find her hanging from a tree,
I think shes happy now,
because she has finally been set free from all her pain and misery.

Sathyanarayana M V S 08 October 2008

Very very sad story......really very it true? I am worried about the teenage children's peculiar problems; why they commit suicide? You have done well in bringing this kind of sad incident to light.........

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Anonymous *plz comment! * 02 November 2008

wow i love it, the title got my attention because me and my friend were thinking about writing a poem titled beautiful disaster so we both wrote our own version, hers went kind of like yours. Is this about you or someone u know? and as far as Sathyanarayana, thats what all adults think, if they don't get it, they never will.

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Anonymous *plz comment! * 02 November 2008

forgot to put it in my last comment, but anyone who reads it check out my recent poem Beautiful Disaster if u search it, it should come up under Caitlyn plz comment

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Austin Zaratzian 19 November 2008

its really good just at the end i think you should take out from all her pain and misery you have talent

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Kaci Souisa 21 November 2008

a beautifuly sad poem.

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Iron Panda 23™ 18 March 2010

i LOVED it! ! ! this was a 'beautiful disaster'! ! !

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Shashendra Amalshan 27 July 2009

hey you know! ! ! ! there is a similar song by the name Beautiful disaster by Kelly Clarkson, .. I love her.... this one is all cool! ! tooo... liked this one...this is very moving.. nice emotions here friend... with lv shan

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Wonderful Poem. This one is my favorite of all time

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B3@utiful Dis@st3r 20 February 2009

wow this is deep i can really understand i've been down that road before nice poem

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Madison Yeater 02 February 2009

God, i love this... brings back a lot though, on those who have been through this pain, and sorrow. thinking one may not have anyone who cares for them. but when you look around, there is ALWAYS someone by your side. great job! =)

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