Beauty And The Beast Poem by Tango

Beauty And The Beast

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Nature is beautiful, quiet, and serene,
nature is the forest, with its many shades of green.
Nature is the birds, welcoming in the dawn,
nature is a calf, struggling to its feet as soon as it is born.
Nature is a salmon, swimming against the stream,
nature is a volcanic geyser, venting off steam.

Nature is a beast, kicking up a storm,
nature is the trees, all bent, and broken, looking so forlorn.
Nature is lightning striking the ground,
nature is a forest fire, consuming all around.
Nature is a tornado, with its screaming roar,
nature is a tidal wave, washing every thing ashore.
Nature can be a beauty, and nature can be a beast.

~ Tango ~

Beauty And The Beast
Jean Dament 16 September 2009

I enjoyed this poem with it's comparison of nature being both beauty & beast at times. Thanks for sharing. Ravensong

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Amit Datta 11 July 2010

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished

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Seasha Boebeesha 30 March 2010

Wat type of poem would u call this? A couplet? Because to me the rhyme scheme goes aabcaa aabbccd? I'm new at this do u mind helping me?

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Yong Fiang 14 March 2010

Good! Good poem! I like it! I like Nature too! It make me fell happy ^-^

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Susan Bagley 12 October 2008

very nice Tango, I liked this and will read more of your poems.I like the title for the content, very cleaver. regards, Susan

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Ananya N 12 January 2023

A tale as old as and the beast😍

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NekoKitsunae 12 May 2020

A beautiful poem about the beauty of nature. Thank you for this.

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Tamara Beryl Latham 04 October 2019

Yes, you have captured the beauty or the wrath of Mother nature in rhyming form. Nicely done and quite enjoyable. Thanks for sharing. : -)

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madik little 15 January 2019

great poem very nice and good very much loved it q w

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Sandra Feldman 20 October 2018

I think, of Nature, You have captured it all, In this most beautiful, well written Poetic call. Marvelous poem! Just loved it! Thank you.

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