Beckon To Me Poem by Vallerie Lobell

Beckon To Me

Rating: 5.0

Beckon to me once more,
And awaken my drowsy heart,
For it will take some tender urgings,
We're too far and too long apart,

The flame has flickered and grown dim,
From things you can't now control,
You've had so many chances with me,
My love for you has grown cold,

And now your heart calls out to mine,
Like it's never done before,
I'll not trouble myself,
Make me love you once more,

Pat Royce 25 March 2007

It’s so sad how we can louse our way. Where there was fire, there are just embers and smoke, Quieted angst and little hope. A turning point, a wish for better things to come, A bittersweet yearning, known to about just everyone. I love the depth and.10/10 Thank you, I enjoyed. Warmest Regards Pat.

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Cecil (cj) Krieger 22 January 2007

The emotions of this poem are honest and forthcoming... I liked it very very much, Best CJ

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Michael Gale 17 October 2006

Great poem. Gave it a ten. I especially enjoyed the line about awaken the drowsy heart. God bless all poets-MJG.

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R H 15 October 2006

Lovely title that compliments the sense of love, love lost, longing and a re-kindling of passion. Nice gentle flow to this too Vallerie. Justine

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Marvin Brato 10 October 2006

Am new member also, but my instinct urge me to give a 10 also because you poem expresses emotion that are real. A woman in love can love again, and again a man who of her dreams. He may not noticed her at first but soon realized that love was just near! . great write! I enjoyed reading it too. Regards.

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