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Behind Rocks

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The roaring sea hit rocks with its waves Since millions of years not caring for their fading cries, When I go to the sea, Near the rock of suicide, I watch the marine waves slapping the poor Rocks with all their strengths, They are powerless because the sea is strong and they never dare to quarrel with it... Rocks hurt badly, but They tolerate gradually the waves' painful Beatings where They turn into sands spreading on the shore's extension after they were a part of The strong rock... The factors of erosion break them with time... The sea is great and giant and Not a rock dares to beat it, By day and by night, Waves hit the vigilant rocks and they keep Them awake and so on... The rock of suicide is still strong in the Sea's strong face that wants to remove it out of its front, The pretty sea hugs the rock and it kisses It as two pretty lovers, They're together for thousands of years...It's the rock of love and It's the rock of love where no one thought About committing suicide over there because committing suicide means cowardice and Escaping from a pretty life... The rock of suicide is the most beautiful Of all the world's rocks even The moon's rocks... Everyday and every moment The sea washes its face and it kisses it , It will ask its hand and It might think about getting married from It someday, It's an old -new relationship Between the sea-rock love, It's an eternal love, so All the city's lovers go over there... Rock are always clear and there is behind them the pretty city with its Inhabitants, They call it the ' Rock of Suicide ' Nominally only and it means life because they don't know the meaning of committing suicide at all. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

This is a translation of the poem BEHIND ROCKS خلف الصخور by MOHAMMAD SKATI
Thursday, August 7, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love