Uncertainty Poems: 168 / 500

Behind The Dark Door

'of cardio-vascular surgery'

Uncertainty coupled by trepidation.
'Aye, don't worry lad, its all done by
fookin' marrgic now! '
'No more open chest surgery.'

It's just like putting a patch on a
bicycle tube - only easier.
A stent placed in position via
the groin, or keyholed in. Voila!

'You speak from experience? '
'Nah, I saw it done on Google.'
'On Google you say? '
'Shyte, that's reassuring.'

Alison Cassidy 09 April 2008

If I wasn't feeling quite so 'uncertain' myself right now, I'd smile at this clever and succinct piece of irony. The medical industry leaves us with the comfortable feeling that they have answers for everything - though somehow the grim reaper still has a habit of turning up when the time is right. For my part, I believe with all my 'heart' there's life in the old dog yet. love Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Ivan Donn Carswell 09 April 2008

There is a high art in reducing mystery to the mundane without losing mistique and intrigue - you do it rather well. Rgds, Ivan

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Linda Ori 09 April 2008

Seems you can find anything on the internet nowadays - even cardiovascular surgery! Great to know that this video game generation is using their talents in the operating room now. Heaven knows - they spend enough time in front of the screen growing up to become pros at just about anything! Best to you, Jerry....... Linda :) xxx

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Bill Smith 09 April 2008

this would be funny if thee wasn't a grain of truth in it, everyone seems to be thinking they can do anything these days after reading a manual, liked it smiffy

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Wojja Fink 20 April 2009

that unzipped some light laughter.....and it's only 3.20 am

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Jerry Hughes 13 December 2008

Ye gods in hindsight I was SO wrong, and I have a zip-fastener scar to prove it!

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Nimal Dunuhinga 12 April 2008

Jerry always tells the truth behind the dark and mysterious doors!

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delilah contrapunctal 09 April 2008

Dear Jerry I've Googled both Jerry Hughes and Alison Cassidy......what I found is strength, beauty and love...aplenty...not to mention wonderful poetry, style and spirit in abundance......dance on, my friends...every precious beat a treasure..... Love and healing, D. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Ernestine Northover 09 April 2008

This is so hilarious, although a sensitive subject. You have still got your sense of humour Jerry, which is the most important thing. Loved this one enormously. Love and hugs Ernestine XXX

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