Behold, An Eskimo Kingdom Poem by Tajudeen Shah

Behold, An Eskimo Kingdom

Eskimos live on caribou,
Fish, berries, whales and seals.
Hard biscuits and tea warm ‘em
Other than what had from nature.
What a delicacy when blended
Caribou meat, seal oil and
Artic berries with ice flakes,
‘Akutok' their creamy delight!
Snow dwellings in winter,
Tents of skins on summer,
Eskimos called both an Igloo!
Their Chief had to be skilled,
In hunting or Fishing, whom
Advises sought when needed.
Brave hunters and gatherers
By nature, moved in groups,
When seasons changed, for
Life's course for every race
Is different in many a ways!
Their bodies covered by skins
Of Polar bear, fox, seals
And Caribou kept them warm
In their Frozen kingdom!
Huskies drawn sleds to slide
Over, Kayak for single hunter
And Umiaks to carry families
Across the icy waters, were
Their conveyance natural.
Wild whales when appear
Eskimo group would hunt
With skill and might sheer,
A survival on frozen thorns!
Stories that have traversed
Generations on drum beats
Made them dance during
Winter nights for hours long.
Responsible valorous men
Gathered food for families
When women made clothes
And cooked for their men.
Fur-bearing fox and bear
Were hunted for skin, fish
And seal for flesh, in ocean,
Rivers and streams all seasons.
Sought aid of‘Shamans' to make
Spirits appear to cure when sick,
Ensure a good hunting and
To control the weather hostile.
Even in their frozen minds
Forms of art had its place,
With many available stuff
Had manifestation of skills.
A brother Eskimo grins on
Looking at his FB screen,
By the frozen Greenland or
Siberia, Alaska or Canada!
Might be in pursuit of new
Techniques for hunting,
Shaping, shearing, sailing
Still with his Sealskin boots on!

Hi, dear bards,
this is one of a series of introductions; i have in mind to share with those who are not familiar with some races of our brothers across the world. Your comments would be highly appreciated.
Vijay Sai R 11 December 2012

Its like being in an eskimo kingdom...lively picture

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Asif Andalib 08 December 2012

Thanks for informing us on the lifestyle of Eskimos in poetic manner and style. Beautiful write

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 07 December 2012

Wow great on d faraway eskimos. Yor prose aptly features d eskimo scenes n takes us to greenland and all with fine info.

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