Believers In Boycott Israel Lobby Reviewed Poem by Terence George Craddock

Believers In Boycott Israel Lobby Reviewed

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reviewing the boycott Israel lobby
are their hatred complaints justified?
are they righteous honest kind people?
or fanatic liberals deaf blind to truth?
are their actions balanced or extremely
dangerous with an exterminate Israel
agenda kill every Jewish man woman child?
this was past genocide Arab attack goal

to drive the Israelis into the sea to exterminate
in extreme hate racist belief their was no place
on this entire earth where a single surviving Jewish
man woman or child had a right to live in sanctuary!
even in Indonesia a male student at an International
school I taught at ranted this Hitler holocaust policy!

left us briefly review sharing of the land issues
an Arab Muslim World oil rich is spread across
over 740 thousand square miles with a population
of 900 million a massive Goliath area and population
a thousand times greater than tiny little David Israel
politically Israel is a democracy in an unstable region
among dozens of cruel unjust dysfunctional dictatorships
makes you wonder why Hillary Clinton hates Israel?

unbelievably rogue organizations call for a boycott
of Israel in profit preposterous name of liberal values?
is yes calling strings masked Clinton Foundation one?
in Arab Muslim countries children are armed exploited
raised with telescopic scope to eye gun aimed in hand?
in Israel they are embraced play taught a love of peace?

women in radical Arab countries dressed black crows
with hidden no face tiny slits for eyes have no rights?
in public prohibited punished if crime showing their face
not allowed to work drive or go to a mall unescorted?
by escorted we mean under protection of an adult male
a woman's male child son can in public protect escort
his mother deemed incapable of looking after herself?
in Afghanistan women were for crime teacher executed?

mother's beheaded publicly at a soccer field for crime
teaching their own daughters to read in their own home?
In Sharia law countries women girls without freedom rights
are raped murdered traded for goods sold into sex slavery?
Lagos Nigeria 219 girls were night kidnapped from a school
forced to marry their Islamic militant extremist abductors?

Boko Haram terrorist network abducts rapes Christian
girls forces them to adopt Islam as their new religion
marries them impregnates their next new child bride?
contrast stealing a few girls to stealing an entire country
brutal well organized well financed spectre ISIS grows
from a few terror cells ISIS feared terror group builds
an Islamic state in Iraq and Syria in opportune beloved
power vacuum left by US withdrawal from Iraq grows

in fertile Syrian civil war in hostility between Muslim
groups is magnet for battle hardened Jihad globally?
ISIS originally the Islamic State of Iraq was US tasked?
with creating a sectarian civil war to destabilize Iraq
during the US lead invasion oops occupation of Iraq?
but the cat escaped a CIA bag is now running off leash?

in Militant terrorist ISIS Islam women girls are raped
murdered traded as goods sold into bondage slavery
contrast Israel where women have freedom choices
employment the CEO of the countries largest bank
is a woman also the Governor of the Central Bank
is a woman the head of the supreme court is a woman
do you believe individuals should have lifestyle rights?
in cruel intolerant Muslim Arab world gay men women

are routinely tortured murdered in an Arab homophobic
world in tolerant Israel gays are stars on popular TV shows
behold Tel-Aviv was chosen as world's most gay friendly
city therefore choose do you believe in freedom or slavery?
Israel is still daily threatened persecuted by Arab Nations
contrast Israel with a strong democracy which has allowed

an Arab judge to send a Jewish President to jail?
in an Israeli democracy an Arab Knesset member
can reside over parliamentary sittings power order
a member off the stand the Muslim Arab world?
is abusive to religious minorities Christians Jews
who are forced to convert deported or murdered
killed with crazed bestial religious intolerance
churches burned blown up with worshippers inside?

in Israel the Muslim community in freedom prays...
grows while places sacred to Christians are protected
visited by millions of pilgrims in Israel democratic
diverse freedoms flourish Israelis enjoy academic
freedom of speech since 2002 seven Israelis have won
the Nobel Prize in scientific fields therefore be not...

surprised Israel is a world leading hub in science in
hi-tech industry all countries have problems racists
Israel crying longing for peace in war infested regions
in Tel-Aviv in Jerusalem in Israel are mothers women
weeping wanting peace for family for friends for sons
while Palestine throws stones of stoning missiles darts
death dealing hating wishing plagues bombs evil wastes
upon a honey land where prophets served creator wishes

in honesty view testimony evidence some criticism in
all countries is justified but we submit before the world
before God proof Israel is definitely among the most
humane advanced countries in this world therefore let
Israel be blessed let peace reign in blessed city Jerusalem
let peace bless all peoples let peace reign in the entire world

let us review a few policies enforced today in this world
in Russia Putin acts against problem LGBT community?
China oppresses invaded Tibet three million ethnic Tibetans
in NATO Turkey President Erdogan imprisons journalists
opposing Erdogan policies while building prestige palaces
in France legendary gay Paris Muslim women are not allowed
to wear a burqa while rich banker Switzerland voted to ban
mosque minarets which all begs question why lily white liberals

boycott Israel citing liberal values as their justification
as a student of history this is just modern antisemitism
a modern revamp hate swear hate Jews politic campaign
anti-semitism is hostility prejudice discrimination against
Jews a person who holds such positions is called a racist
or antisemite Antisemitism is an old school form of racism...

forgive me for being naive tell me what wars in Viet Nam
Afghanistan achieved why UN boycotts of China are not...
politically correct enforced why super profit is more important?
UN super power veto immunity impales invaded countries...
individual accountability demands we ascend
above personal politics prejudices culture religion
intregrity demands we ignore wealth bribes well oiled
we do not turn a blind eye to suffering global justice violations...

UN super power veto immunity is a virus
plague back stabbing ignored peace issues...
ISIS terrorist group governing power rules through fear
imposes Sharia law through public floggings executions!
ISIS aim to create an Islamic state across Sunni areas
of Iraq and in Syria while limp UN nations turned backs...

how who radically transformed a few fragile terror cells
harried hunted to edge verge of extinction into catalyst
empowered most dangerous militant group in the world?
Islamic State in Iraq and Syria hotbed thrived mutated
during breeding ground ongoing civil war in Syria in
open cesspit security vacuum following departure of last
American forces from Iraq moving off into lovely new wars?
metamorphosis 2006 al Qaeda in Iraq mutates under ruthless

leadership of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi embarking into brutal
recruitment terrorism kneads putty civilians attempts to ignite
a sectarian war against hate target majority Shia communities
is close to succeeding after bombing the Al-Askariya Mosque
an important Shia shrine in Samarra sparks retaliatory attacks
fear terror brutality fueled violence will fill dark robe recruit ranks...

American forces killing al-Zarqawi slows al Qaeda ISIS growth
vicious treatment of civilians emergence of Sahwa (Awakening)
Fronts under moderate Sunni tribal leaders nearly destroys poisonous
embryo metamorphosis mutation nearly but not quite extinguished?
why lift the pedal from the metal pentagon a White House policy?
U.S. forces left Iraq intelligence-gathering expertise policy Iraq left?
like Adolf Hitler Barack Obama imposes his war will upon generals?
soon Iraqi officials will speak of a third generation al Qaeda in Iraq?

who knew? two years earlier U.S. military in Iraq spokesman...
Maj. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan warned if Iraqi security forces
are not able to put pressure on al Qaeda they could regenerate...
capability of Iraqi forces was fatally compromised lacking
professional soldiers equipment needed for fighting insurgency
attack helicopters reconnaissance capabilities military units split?

perhaps Hiliary Clinton oiled by Saudi donations needs
to get her head out of the sand and realize Israel is not
prime problem perhaps proud Saudis need to change hate
Israel policy and realize persue friendship with Israel?
If Saudi Arabia actually wants peace for her neighbours?
in honesty view testimony examine evidence carefully let
us review a few policies enforced today in this political world
who would an enlightened intelligent mind identify as enemy?

Copyright © Terence George Craddock

Tuesday, June 14, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: freedom,liberty,peace,politics,terror,terrorism,war,war and peace
Inspired by a video posted by Evan Joseph Cohn.
Dedicated to all lovers of beauty peace freedom and justice.
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Written in May and June 2016 on the 2&4.5&4&15.6.2016.
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