Belonging Poem by Lee Crowell


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belonging nowhere
for the first time in thirty six years

belonging nowhere
among thousands
under a monotone sky
like an apple left hanging
outside the equation

a 'services no longer... wishing you the best' memo
recently stashed in his drawer next to obsolete keys

he sat watching the transport arrive
just like all the Mondays before
but this time he didn't board

a walk to the newstand,

to the grocery

'surprised to see me? '

'you stop every day'

'but never this early'
he picked up his bag to leave

the grocer eyed him and saw more than just a customer
'help me move these crates'
and a few minutes later
'do you know anything about gardening? '

'your impatiens are overwatered
and the tomatoes need more sun'
he headed toward the door to leave

the grocer called out 'I need someone good'

'I'll be back in the morning with my tools' he said

Lillie Ellis 16 July 2009

amazing. simply amazing

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Saadat Tahir 16 July 2009

hi got my gardening tools ready too.. beautiful portrayal of the inevitable transition...... gotta go! ! ! and although its inherently sad i think we should try and take it in its stride but the poem is like very very good cheers and ten

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Sally Plumb Plumb 11 July 2009

Wonderful! Enjoyed your thoughts.

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