Best $50, I Ever Won Poem by krissi b'williams

Best $50, I Ever Won

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i moved into your complex, a couple buildings away
from where you and your brother stayed
my best friend saw your brother ride by
and asked me 'who was that guy'
i said i had no idea
i didnt know noone since i just moved here....
since you were a wimp, i went up to him
and asked him his name, and told him that you were the one that wanted to know
he said he were having a party, and said lets go
i wasnt sure, but you wanted to go
i still wasnt sure, and said i dont know
but you grabbed my hand, and i nolonger had any say
as we followed him, as he led the way

we went, to the party with the guy we just met
you had your eye, on that guy
i went along, as the tag along
and as the party went on
i met one guy from another
then later on in the night, i met this guys brother
he came up to me from behind
and used that old adage, girl you are fine
would you be mine...
i said no...and told my girl lets go

2 weeks went by, my friend continued to see this guy
and i never saw his brother again, but my friend
continued to nag, that you were the best guy, i could ever have had
i said to her, if i wanted you, i still could if i wanted to
she said i couldnt because you were seeing someone new
me and her went back and forth, debating
i said i could have you no matter who you were dating
she bet me 50 bucks, that i couldnt get you
i bet 50 bucks, i could too

so i went over to your place, and face to face
i said if your still interested in me
come to my house at 12: 15
sure enough you came by
and all night long we sat side by side
and walked and talked
about eveything and nothing
and we both realized there was indeed something
between us, and maybe love
at 1st sight, or just the romance of the night

and now 16 years later, we still are together
and made the vow to be like this 4ever
so needless to say, the 50 bucks my friend had to pay
was the best money i ever won
and what had begun
as a simple girls bet
let my get
the man of my dreams
and the rest for him and me is history
in the making, but it was the best bet i had ever taking
this is a true story, not exactly a love story you'd think about
but its a true romantic bet, love story, that worked out

Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

won 50 bucks + love..well that was luck

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