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Best Friend? - Poem by wendy martinez

Strolling through the hallways, I meet your gaze. It’s a gaze that I cannot perceive as anything different than melancholy. We have shared so much and now, it’s gone. Like the happiness from your eyes and the shine from your smile. I miss you so much but do not know how to have you recognize that. We have shared everything, our deepest thoughts and secret fears. We have lain beside each other, in a field of grass. Looking up to the sky, waiting for our chance to shine. Our promises were supposed to be kept and saved for our future, but now I fear they may never occur. Conversations about the unknown and what tomorrow may hold. From school to our Father above, we converse. Now, you have not sent any sign of your presence in a long time. How? How can you go from me being the wind beneath your wings, to the thought of who I once was? Your best friend. You promised me, you told me forever and always until we meet again we will remain companions. But you have betrayed my love for you with lies and despair. Along with cutting off all connections, you have taken something from me. Something that I will always need but that is broken. You ignore me, as though the idea of us was just that. An idea. I am sorry, my dear but please return to me. I feel empty and solitary without you. If you truly cared about who held my heart, then you would never be ashamed of expressing your love for me. You have told me that you need and wish for me to be in your life, but then you have gone and broken me. I have given everything for you! I wish always to give you only heart and perfect undying love, but you ignore my pleas for acceptance. I believe that it is too late now. We cannot be saved. Goodbye my hopeless companion. I hope the sun shines wherever your being may be present…I will miss you.

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Poem Submitted: Friday, May 20, 2011

Poem Edited: Friday, May 20, 2011

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