Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away Poem by Lara W.A

Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away

Rating: 4.5

Oh yes I’ve seen you before,
One time in my dream,
Four times in reality.
And it is crazy,
But I think of you,
More often than I think of anything else.

Like today,
My feet hurt,
Must be a lesson from God.
I bought this fine pair of shoes,
One size smaller,
But I was too drawn to its beauty,
That I pretended that it fitted my feet perfectly.

I flaunted and showed it off,
With pride, and agony too.
I went home with bruises,
And I was moaning alone,
I wished you were there
To say “Oh girl, you’re foolish.”

Yes, it is strange,
I think of you both when I’m sad,
And miss you the most when I'm happy.
Even if you let your hair uncombed,
Or wear yesterday’s shirt;
I wouldn’t care.
I just need you to be there.

If it’s not real,
Then why did I dream of you,
Even before I knew of your existence?
And if it’s not true,
Why have I started planning the ending?
And learning to like love movies?

I’m usually very reasonable,
And humble, plus realistic.
I measure risks,
I consider uncertainties,
And calculate probabilities.
But when it comes to you,
I don’t have a clue,
I let my guard comes down,
I’ve no control.

I don’t want to sound cheesy,
I already have a reputation,
For chasing people away.
But you’re not just some people,
You’re what I want to see first thing in the morning,
The last one to leave my side when the night is long,
And the one to say ‘it’s okay’,
When things seem doubtful.

I don’t know where you’ve been,
I’ve been practicing my lines to say to you,
Although that would make me sound stupid
But really,
I’ma walk up to you this time,
And say “Hey, I don’t care if you think I’m desperate,
But I need your name,

I’m starting to believe it:
‘It’s better to burn out than to fade away’;
At least I’d know,
You’re still breathing,

Jenni Strubel 06 August 2005

I love a great tale of obsession, thanks for sharing. Really good.

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