I Can'T Understand Poem by Lara W.A

I Can'T Understand

Rating: 4.5

No I won’t sleep at night
Cause I breathe better when its night time
That’s when I can vanish a little
And drift my identity away
No one will ever find out
What revolves around me,
Doesn’t attract their attention.

I hate it when the sun rises
I’ll pretend that I’m not here
I’ll sleep through the day
There’s no use to be awake or alive
I’ll die of boredom anyway
And people like this routine of mine,
Better this way.

I can’t understand, I don’t understand
How everyday tells the same old story
Tomorrow will kill me with another sad news
And I’m not missing yesterday
The planet doesn't spin around me,
And gravity doesn't want to work its magic on me.

The sun fades in again
I feel as lonely as a poor nightingale
Feel as tiny as a hopeless red ant
I don’t want to keep up with the trend
When my presence doesn’t please them
It’s better to be locked up in here
And watch as the night goes blue.

When the morning arrives
I’ll be dreaming sweet dreams
I’ll dream on till reality doesn’t hurt as much
Tears and laughter can wait
I’ll wait patiently for the moon to show up
For me to reveal what i'm keeping inside.

Mimi Fakhira 20 June 2009

Wow, really related to my soul...nicely pened.

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Leonard Lee 27 June 2005

hi i relate to this alot thanks for it!

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