Lara W.A Poems

Hit Title Date Added
(to A Certain Someone)

Loving you
At this time of the day
Never been this certain
It's noisy outside

Al3+ + So42- -> Al2(So4) 3 (I Wrote You This Song...)

I wrote you this song
In the simplest rhyme and form
Cause you see
Not everything has to be

I Can'T Understand

No I won’t sleep at night
Cause I breathe better when its night time
That’s when I can vanish a little
And drift my identity away

A Freak Like Me

Where are you, Miracles?
I’m reaching out for you.
Mama says you’d be there for me if I listened to her.
But it’s been raining ever since the stars left the sky,

A Harsh Confession

Unlike some people,
My I Love Yous don’t come out easy.
They get stuck on their way out,
Right there,

Mum, I Wanna Marry A Rockstar (Is That Okay?)

I told my mum
“I wanna marry a rockstar”
I don’t want a lawyer
They talk way too much

I Know Why I Don'T Love

I think I’m in love with you.
I think we’d make a perfect combination.
I think a lot of things;
But I don’t know.


18 isn’t a special number
18 is what I am today
18 isn’t what I intended to be
Cause 18 doesn’t make me anything different.

God Don'T Like Actors

Some people like me this way
Some other like me that way
Here, a remote control to please every tired soul
Switch me

Big Girls Don'T Cry

I would like to meet you
Desperately need to learn your name
One of these days,
One of the days when i need you,

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