God Don'T Like Actors Poem by Lara W.A

God Don'T Like Actors

Rating: 5.0

Some people like me this way
Some other like me that way
Here, a remote control to please every tired soul
Switch me
Surf me
Don't fret
I'm here to entertain
Ready to change
According to your pleasure.

This space I occupy,
A weak, aged chair,
Is the one thing I trust.
A starless sky,
Accompanies my ceased emotions.
Nobody's breath but mine,
Lingering in the misty air.

I numb the noise
I blind my eyes
As my senses try
To alert me: something's wrong
Why tonight? Don't save me tonight
Must not let down party invitations
So don't judge me tonight
Don't kill me on a Saturday night.

Many roles I play
Plain Jane, Seductive Susan and Angry Osbourne;
They don’t define me
Many faces I’ve fooled
Like an experienced stage actor,
I read out my lines
Never missed a cue
People compete to walk me home
I drowned in a lenient definition of bliss.

Emptiness finally bothers
Consequence must take its toll
God don't like actors,
Liar-Liars – they don’t live long
I die alone
Trapped in a strange world
So many scenes and stages I’ve seen
But this,
This isn't what I know
This feeling, I don’t recognize.

Is this how it ends?
With me looking out the window
Staring at no sun
With this song repeating itself
Yes, the soundtrack to my sad, nostalgic movie
And yes Elvis,
It's true,
I am lonesome tonight.

Leonard Lee 17 July 2005

very powerful..i like it! ! the ending is superb..

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Lara W.a 17 July 2005

Note: Max, i took your advice =)

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Max Reif 16 July 2005

I find this a strong statement. The ending works for me, and I find a lot of the lines quite poignant. I don't completely 'get' these lines: 'This space I occupy A weak, aged chair, The only one thing I trust Supposedly a starry sky, To accompany my ceased emotions Nobody's breath but mine, Lingering in the misty air. I numb the noise I blind my eyes Why tonight? Senses must not save me tonight'

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