A Harsh Confession Poem by Lara W.A

A Harsh Confession

Rating: 4.2

Unlike some people,
My I Love Yous don’t come out easy.
They get stuck on their way out,
Right there,
Before my affection blooms.
And like raising a big swollen lump in my throat,
Holding back,
Hurts that much.

Linda Hepner 20 July 2005

I may be old enough to be your grandmother but you speak right to my heart!

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Rene Bennett 21 July 2005

Man, you just took the words right out of my mouth and penned them so perfectly. I don't use those three words 'I love you' except to my 2 sons. I guess as long as you don't love or at least let them know how you feel it makes it that much harder to be hurt. Enjoyed the read..thank yuo. Rene'

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Manonton Dalan 20 September 2008

savor it while it last... it could be very enjoyable. thanks md

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Mary Das 30 May 2007

So much is said in a few lines. Sweet and meaningful.

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John Tiong Chunghoo 25 July 2005

you are a very talented poet.

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A. B. 25 July 2005

Short and sweet. Cool one.

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Linda Preston 23 July 2005

A simple poem that says a lot. Well done.

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