My Heaven Poem by Galina Italyanskaya

My Heaven

Rating: 5.0

It's always my favourite paint
The colour of sunny skies
Awaking my dream, my faith
The shine of your loving eyes

It lit up my fading hopes
It made me forget my fears
Assured me that I will cope
With anything that I face

But if you give up my love
If ever your eyes turn grey
My blue in the sky above
I know, it will still remain

It shelters me from the rain
Consoling my rebel heart
The one which cannot betray
And will never dare to hurt

So, looking into the deep
I fondly recall your name
To whisper it in my sleep
And, waking, repeat the same

The only way is to trust
If I cannot find a clue
My heaven's lost in the dust
My soul is forever blue


(St. Petersburg, July 06 2013)

Sunday, November 9, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: love
Gajanan Mishra 09 November 2014

Only way is to trust, good writing, thanks.

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Chinedu Dike 09 November 2014

Faith keeps those who keep the faith - Mother Teresa. A lovely poem penned in poetic diction. Thanks for sharing. Please read my poem MZANSI AND THE BALLOT BOX.

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Negar Gorji 25 April 2021

lovely poem dear Galina. I could vividly imagine the pictures you described in your poem. And as you said, it is close to what I wrote recently. I can say that I feel ya : )

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C F 24 February 2019

Outstanding in its portrayal of unnoticed love.... why are poems like this not ever featured in Poems of the Day at!

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Galina Italyanskaya 24 February 2019

Thank you! I don't know) Maybe because I'm not active enough to earn larger audience? To be in POD means that others voted for you, as I know. Although " The Universe" has been a Poem of the Day once.

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Chinedu Dike 19 June 2016

Beautiful poem that captures the essence of love ❤, elegantly penned in lovely rhyme scheme from inner recesses of the heart with conviction. Thanks for sharing Galina. Please read my poem POETIC MASTERPIECE.

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Daniel Brick 20 November 2014

You wrote the subject of this poem is LOVE but it's also HOPE, and a particularly strong, sturdy, durable hope. The last line asserts this hope with special force in saying MY SOUL IS FOREVER BLUE. and you have prepared that statement for a time of abandonment, when the trusted one's eyes turn gray. Your HEAVEN is not the supernatural place out there, out of reach. It's a very accessible place in the here and now of our emotional hopes and dreams. there is a related word in English HAVEN - that's the kind of heaven your poem celebrates, a safe place, a harbor where we can nurse our heart-wounds and restore our hopes.

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Hazel Durham 11 November 2014

So beautifully written Galina with stunning imagery this poem is so deep with passion and love bursting from it's lines of such gentleness and beauty! I love this stunning write!

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