Bidden Temptation Poem by Tamra Craft

Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin

Bidden Temptation

She watches her from the side walk
Checking herself in the long mirror
She knows the door to that life is locked
She can’t remember how she got here.

Her Husband has just left for work
She pretended to be asleep when he kissed her
Lately he is seeming even more of a jerk
So shes painting her nails more than one color

She waits for her to open the door
She is pulled into waiting arms and lips
She tosses her jacket and bag to the floor
And begins painting with eager finger tips

Her passion finally released on the only one
That can stutter her speech and muddle her thoughts
She is the darkness in need of her sun
She holds mercilessly to the butterfly she has caught.

They make love surrounded by four walls
That are covered in pictures of him and them
The voice on the end of those random calls
They know he will find out, but don’t know when.

But they only worry themselves with each other
Filling this hungry void inside their hearts
Burying their conscience till its smothered
Choosing only to think of the good parts

She cannot abandon her family for this woman
Neither can the other abandon her own.
But they are so happy in these arms they are in
Despite that they will have to reap the oats they have sown

She firms to the caress of this bidden temptation
Her head filled with cloudy lack of regret
This very well may be more than infatuation
A thirst quenched, a taste never to forget


Tamra Craft

Green Bay, Wisconsin
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