Birds Of Spring Poem by jim foulk

Birds Of Spring

Rating: 5.0

Birds of spring they
bring on so many things
sounds they send
to each other,

that only they
can understand
in their sweet
cheerful harmony.

Sweet smell in
the air this
beautiful april day
listening to these creatures.

Taking in the warmth
of the sun that
is so overdue, blue
skies beauty to the eye.

Birds in flight
from one tree
to the other, getting
ready to produce life.

Cool breezes this
day so fine to hear
birds of spring echoing
music to my ear.

Birds of spring
to many to mention you all,
Robbins, Wrens and Cardinals
or a few I see, oh so beautiful.

To hear their chirping
wondering what they're saying
at this moment
will sit here for awhile.

Sounds this day
so relaxing is it
to listen to these
birds of spring.
wrote 4-3-07

David Harris 12 April 2007

Jim, I could hear all the calls as I read through the lines. A musical crescendo at dawn on a spring day. Beautiful. Top marks from me. Thanks for sharing it my friend. David

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Alison Cassidy 04 April 2007

A musical delight written with an optimistic joyful spirit which flies off the page. love, Allie xxxxxxxxx

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Sandra Fowler 04 April 2007

Birds sing to their Maker whatever the weather. Their songs are an inspiration to us all. Praise for your song to spring as well. Warm regards, Sandra

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gone gone 03 April 2007

Jim Lovely music, indeed......sweet song of life Love, D.

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Duncan Wyllie 03 April 2007

Beautiful......... Love duncan X

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jim foulk

jim foulk

des moines iowa
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