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Blind And Toothless

An eye for an eye
a tooth for a tooth,
so quotes the bible.

The end result?

A world full of blind
and toothless people
warring over mushy food.

See, nothing changes.

Alison Cassidy 12 April 2007

An absurdist twist to a serious philosophical question. Yuk! To the mushy food. love, Allie xxxx

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C. P. Sharma 11 November 2008

Iagree with Onelia, It not only bites but also invites to think over. Thanks for this superb satire. CP

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Melissa Coventry 13 October 2007

There is something about this poem that grasps the attention of a reader, the words have been heard before but the outcome, that is serious yet comical. This is a light hearted but touching read with a message that cuts a reader to todays reality around the world. Its sad to think nothing will change.. or at least soon. I really enjoyed this one among all of yours, Take care, Mel xx

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Blue angel Florida 30 June 2007

If Blind and TOOTHLESS maybe calmer huh, no way to bite, no eyes to see reality... Thank you so VERY much for your Advise.

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Elysabeth Faslund 24 June 2007

It's good to wake up with a smile...this poem did it. Especially when I never saw it coming.Jerry, I should label some of these poems, 'And now, the rest of the story.' Oh, this is a new version of humor! Good! xxElysabeth

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Vonda Overlie 23 June 2007

This made me smile amidst hard truth!

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