Blue-Butterfly Day Poem by Robert Frost

Blue-Butterfly Day

Rating: 4.5

It is blue-butterfly day here in spring,
And with these sky-flakes down in flurry on flurry
There is more unmixed color on the wing
Than flowers will show for days unless they hurry.

But these are flowers that fly and all but sing:
And now from having ridden out desire
They lie closed over in the wind and cling
Where wheels have freshly sliced the April mire.

Friday, December 12, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: butterfly
* Sunprincess * 23 December 2014

..........a blue butterfly on a spring day is a fantastic inspiration for a poem....enjoyed much...

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Mark Arvizu 17 June 2015

Only one day..................

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Cristina Everson 30 October 2018

the rhyme scheme is teza rima.

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ladylee silverio 22 March 2018

what is the rhyming of the poem of blue-butterfly Day

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Write your name 25 March 2019

First line A Second line B Third A Fourth B Fifth A Sixth C Seventh A Eighth C

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Alyssa 18 September 2019

I love your potty

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A beautiful poem that reminds the childhood running after butterflies

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Mahtab Bangalee 11 May 2019

a charming, pleasing and beautiful poem

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Julia Luber 11 May 2019

I love how Frost enables butterflies and flowers to kind of become the same 'thing' in one's poetry muddled mind.

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Edward Kofi Louis 11 May 2019

Muse of the Spring! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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