Bounty Of Giving

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Bounty of giving
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Unquiet and restless he was
Like a withered leaf blowing
All day across the grass
Though his name it was whispering
All day long as it rustled by
Known one of the richest
Of this earth in the late 19th century
He contemplated suicide many a time
But this rose of life held safe and secure
In God's hand each time
Fed up, nowhere his lone feet turned
But nothing was yet over
He smiled as it so happened
When one day this skeptical man
Turned trustworthy
Believing in the saying
Of a beloved sage
'That you are not the owner
Of your wealth
You are only a custodian fair'
Do not be restless
Be a giver in a placid kind of river
And get peace of mind
By utilizing your wealth
To serve the needy and poor
As the water will not recede
If a sparrow sips the river
As this world you see is one
And if somebody suffers
Directly or indirectly
We will also suffer
As we live in a holistic world
Now he is a man changed
Went on to becoming
A great philanthropist ever

Friday, September 19, 2014
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Aftab Alam Khursheed 20 September 2014

A nice poem on humanity that is indeed a need of the era thank you

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Pradip Chattopadhyay 20 September 2014

wonderful story Deepak, very inspiring.

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Salini Nair 20 September 2014

if somebody suffers Directly or indirectly We will also suffer...................its true...its a pain as we are part of holistic world

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Valsa George 19 September 2014

A great poem with a wonderful message.... Who else can teach the world such great lessons of compassion and sharing other than we poets...! ! This poem contains more thought than an extensive treatise on the importance of charity can pass over! Reading this, I am reminded of Rockfeller and Rockfeller's foundation....! How a man's wealth has given sustenance to thousands! For this you deserve a 10

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