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Not all boredom is equal
Some fleeting
Some circumstantial
And some teeters
On crisis existential
I sit and stare
And see time flown
My patience gone
And my soul closing down
I wonder if it's boredom
Driving out my emotions
Of thoughts going rotten
Of ideas long forgotten
Along the lines of the paper
My hand bumbles
Until I put on rhymes to taper
Is it becoming a monotone?
As I feel it's putting me down
When not coming to my mind
To trickle down to my hand
Or it feels like a little repetitive
And I don't know
If that's from my perspective
I feel as if I am stuck
Wrapping like vines me around
Suffocating my mind
And restricting my movement even
It feels prosaic and insipid
Then what it is…. I sit and frown
The time ticks by
And this must be boredom
Wish to pull myself out of its kingdom
And carry on nice and safe
With the poetry world to beat the boredom
I pick up my pen
And write few lines again

Thursday, December 18, 2014
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Gajanan Mishra 18 December 2014

Is poetry world is safe? I am asking myself every moment. Thanks. Please see my new poems if you so like.

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Valsa George 19 December 2014

This is everyone's experience! Still I am amazed at your productivity......! Minimum one poem a day! ! It is no small achievement, Deepak! For days on end, no poem comes to me and when I seriously doubt if the Muse in me has fled for ever, a few ideas come! Great poem.... Enjoyed!

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Abderrahmane Dakir 29 December 2015

I like it so much, Your definition of the boredom is so logical. Thank you.

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Rajesh Thankappan 27 December 2014

You of course have found a good way to beat boredom. Wonderful!

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Mj Lemon 26 December 2014

Wonderful poem...Does a poem or poetry conquer all types of boredom?

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Alexander Johnson 24 December 2014

I must say that a poet as prolific as yourself must rarely be bored and I will try to take from your example that with poetry we can counter such negative periods with reflection and if possible some resultant poetry. Also thanks for commenting on my own poems. Kind Regards

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Kumarmani Mahakul 19 December 2014

Not all boredom is equal Some fleeting Some circumstantial And some teeters On crisis existential- - -Very nicely envisioned. Really all boredom is not equal but boredom is boredom. Many thanks.

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