The Advancing Years Poem by DEEPAK KUMAR PATTANAYAK

The Advancing Years

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The advancing years
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Old age is young
A paradox yet sings a song
That you are never old
As long as you feel young and bold
Ageing is a natural phenomenon
Bound to happen later or soon
Though nothing could stop its rise and reign
Over nature’s mortal beings, yet its own
Dynamics can be held in abeyance
For a while with white dreams
In fact with positive thinking and living
Age comes a wooing and a blessing
Harden not thou heart
For it may age thee fast
Thou heart be still and gentle
For the autumn morn is approaching with a bestowal
Of gifts of bounteous crops
To thee as life’s toilsome fruits
Sweet or sour they may taste
Yet old age is a bitter pill to be chewed at last
Thus, thou heart be not sad
Accept it with a smile as God’s
Gift sans discontent and loath
For sipping this nectar here with
Shall you be freed from pangs of life
And shall be this wild life no more with strife
Though May, sweet May
With all thy bloom had had its day
Charming, sweet and fair
Yet how lovely is the fragrance of fading flowers in October
Cold may find it thy heart
Yet moon fills thy sky with joys fair and roseate
May be bleak is October
Yet the memories of by-gone days shimmer
Upon the bourn of night
Pushing thee to slumber pleasant
And cheering with the fruits of summer
Though frost rules the age like a dictator
Thou heart be not sad with age
As trees grow stronger and rivers wider with age
So are human beings and so you are
Growing with age wise, humble and sober
Ah, what is life!
It’s but a passing touch upon youth and age alike
However ‘the grey cloud’ on the horizon has a silver lining
Long into thy dotage, age shall emerge a victor with ageing

Saturday, March 14, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: old age
Rajesh Thankappan 15 March 2015

Though the ageing process is long drawn and a continuous one, yet its realization starts creeping slowly into us. A lovely poem with lots of imagery and tons of encouragement for people who are sailing past their prime.

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Kumarmani Mahakul 19 March 2015

It depends on feeling of mind. Definitely through dynamics of life old is also strong to sing lovely song of life. Very wonderfully presented one thought provoking poem. Nice on sharing.

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Saheb Mohapatra 21 March 2015

there is a common concept among people that being old we don't have any moment to rejoice or to do sth great......but this magnificent poem hides all these concepts.this poem must be read by each and every human in the world....deserved it..................10 on 10

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Piyush Dey 27 March 2015

Your voice is very inspiring and this is a very provoking poem. What a line-'age shall emerge a victor with ageing '

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 08 January 2019

A very insightful and wonderful poem. A meaningful message full of wisdom. Beautifully written.

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Dr Antony Theodore 12 October 2018

Harden not thou heart For it may age thee fast Thou heart be still and gentle For the autumn morn is approaching with a bestowal Of gifts of bounteous crops To thee as life’s toilsome fruits.....there is always a silver lining..... a poem born out of tremendous faith.....lovely poem. i read and reread it......... tha nku dear poet. tony

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Age is truly just a number. well done my friend!

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Kumarmani Mahakul 09 June 2015

Sweet or sour they may taste but old age speaks many more things in this poem about dynamics of modern age. Wonderful and informative poem shared really.

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Kelly Kurt 11 April 2015

Wonderful poem, Deepak. Filled with wisdom and truth

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Many many thanks.....Kelly.......I am humbled........

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