Boys Will Be Boys Poem by Pradip Chattopadhyay

Boys Will Be Boys

Rating: 5.0

I know I invite reproach
When I speak aloud in wonder
Why boys are the first to approach
And girls are mere responders!
It’s the boy that discovers the chance
In the girl next to him in school
For a courtship and steady romance
Though the girl must play it cool!
If the girl eyes him just once
That’s enough to make him bolder
Just one look puts him in trance
Though the girl must give him cold shoulder!
The boy so oft reads the signals wrong
Cavorting buck with wildly beating heart
The girl cautious doesn’t fall in love headlong
Makes sure the boy is good to make a start!

Khairul Ahsan 02 September 2013

Let boys be boys! We all were boys and did what boys do. Let them stretch out their hands, for the girls to choose and hold. Emboldened by just a look, boys through ages have crashed headlong, but that's the way they are! An excellent poem that fondly looks at the juvenile love. Well written.

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Noreen Carden 01 September 2013

Absolutely love this poem it captures the innocence of youth well done and thank you for your kind comments on my poem

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Heather Wilkins 31 August 2013

love this write about young love. sure the girl must be cool, let the boy take the lead.

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Geetha Jayakumar 31 August 2013

Beautiful write..Boys often reads signal wrong...but girls to be cautious..Great message..Loved reading it.

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Gajanan Mishra 31 August 2013

In love there is nothing to start nothing to end. I like it.

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