Wide Eyed Poem by Pradip Chattopadhyay

Wide Eyed

Rating: 4.8

He lies wide eyed.

The opaque stream reflects no sky
betrays no emotions
nothing is impressed on the canvas anymore.

‘Wide eyed’
that’s how he was described by all
as he gave everything a riveting look
stopped on the way of his routine chores
lost in his own wandering thoughts
stealing and storing on those orifice
the wonders that often pass as mundane
letting not the smallest bit to escape
like a crazy collector on a wild run of filling his scrapbook.

He lies wide eyed.

His unblinking eyes still in awe of the stored marvels
and silently pleading the approaching fingers
not to shut them!

Jesus Diaz Llorico 23 August 2013

A beautiful poem, lost in his own wandering thoughts a lovely line worthy of a praise.

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Heather Wilkins 23 August 2013

staying wide eyed seeing everything. nothing is missed. good write

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Gajanan Mishra 23 August 2013

good write, thanks, silent pleading is here.

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Dave Walker 23 August 2013

A great poem, some people take everything in, they see things that some people don't.

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Geetha Jayakumar 23 August 2013

Beautiful poem..loved reading it..Great message it carries..

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A beautiful poem and nicely written with rhythm.

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Dennis Field 24 August 2013

lets us know what's in store. nicely written

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Anil Kumar Panda 24 August 2013

beautiful ink. the heart always expecting someone may give him something is open as well as the eyes even in death.touching ink.

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Lorraine Colon 24 August 2013

I interpret this to be about someone who, in life, observed everything about him. Now, in death, his eyes are still open because this is how he lived. Very thought provoking, Very well written.

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Valsa George 24 August 2013

Wide eyed..... like a mirror allowing every image to fall on... ever in awe of the captured marvels! A great write! A diametrically opposite stance, you will see in my latest poem 'Then- Now'.. if interested please read! !

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