Stop It Now! ! Poem by Maryam Khan

Stop It Now! !

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Stop it now
It's only the innocent who get hurt in war

The soldiers
It's their job
They get paid to die

The politicians
They should be dead anyway
For letting it get this far

Stop it now
Before either of you miss another target
And hit more civilians

Or will you admit
Civilians are always targets
And your excuses are as dead as your enemies
And you are just as bad
As you say the other side is

So stop it now
Before you run out of targets
And have to include yourselves
Among the carnage

Muhammad Ali 13 April 2009

Yes friend........ the world not anymore need some soldiers and politician......... all the tool we require is peace....... that we do share without any arms

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ata khan 17 February 2009

This one is excellent Miss Khan, bravo! Keep it up, 10++++++

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premji premji 29 December 2008

maryam, i come from the extreme south of bharat. i share the feelings as that of yours... during wars, who is the loser? only we the commoners... fight wars with words...not with arms...

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And your excuses are as dead as your enemies loved the fury lil' green tigeress

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C T Heart 04 December 2008

Social awareness compositions are so very intellectual and powerful to read on...Great and wonderful job Maryam. Nice to meet you anyway. a10.

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