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The poems are honestly, completely original- someone whose captivated by angels, and the poems somehow relate to angels featuring in a real world. They consist of reveries, brewed with illusions and realities.

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Angels Living In Colorless Harmony

They have set my soul upon the skies
My fate has sent me with teary eyes
All i view are colorless rainbows
The angels too, have lost their shadows

There's suffering in every expression
But they're laughing at my exhibition
Wondering why, no place for sympathy
How would i survive this alone, emotionally

It's when i learnt why angels laugh and sing
To suppress the danger of enemies within
They believe, trust no one, none is worthy
Regardless of their bestowing harmony

No matter what we receive in suffering
Don't let the phase halt you from loving
Let compassion fill your hearts hollow
Happily you will live, these words just follow

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Angelic(Annie) Female Popularity

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