Brotherly Devotion Poem by Bill Darrah

Brotherly Devotion

As hard as life gets to deal,
Having a brother so close and so real
Sure makes life so much more
Comforting to feel
When I find myself aching sores
From the cruel harshness life tore
Out of my heart and into my anger.
Deep down I always knew
You would remain as faithfully true
As the love which brought us together.
Deep down I always felt
Your devoted love through your thoughtful care
In your companionship so deep and so rare
A sacrifice of service which has
Sometimes been a heavy burden to bear
As our lives became violently disrupted
And emotionally disturbed by certain
Events of life's cruelty and harshness
Thus challenging and attempting to destroy
The devotion defining us as brothers
Reducing us to nothing more than boys
Fighting for our freedom to love
Each other our father and mother taught
Us to love as brothers
Before life got so heavily burdened
In brokenness leading to feelings of despair
Rather than the deep feelings of brotherhood
We once cherished and shared
As if life truly cared
To make our love too irresistable to tear
A burden only an angel could effectively bear
Humans could only corrupt and impair
And love could only restore through prayer.

The dreadful shame of ignoring
The brotherhood we were born into
Even if it was in adoption
Doesn't change the fact we lived
Our lives as boys who wanted
To be brothers more than anything else.
Why then should we allow our love
Preceding us to remain silenced in sorrow
As we pity the actions leading up to
Our feelings of seperation, loneliness,
And permanent isolation as we
Mournfully await a much more condoning
And forgiveable love worthy
Of our reuniting brotherhood
Which our adoption intended for us
To maintain and fluorish forever?

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